Blindverkostung: Happy Foie vs. konventionelle Foie Gras

At the beginning of December we could hardly believe our eyes. One of our customers wrote us an email after we asked for feedback on Happy Foie. Instead of simply writing to us how he liked it, he sent us the results of a blind tasting. He carried out this very professionally and objectively with 8 people, various conventional foie gras products and two variants of Happy Foie.

Here you can read our customer's original text about the results of his blind tasting:

Hello dear Happy Foie team, 
here is the feedback you asked me for; it is the result of an interesting one Blind tasting.
On December 5th, 2021, my wife and I invited six friends. Zu Acht wanted to check your claim, namely "a product that is in no way inferior to a high-quality Bloc Foie Gras."
For this purpose, we selected seven foies gras (including two liver pieces) for all eight participants:

In addition to two products from your company: Happy Foie Duck organic and Happy Foie Duck organic with truffle, these were: 'Le Pré aux Canard' duck liver block, 'Rougie' goose liver block, as well as 'Le Pré aux Canard' duck liver in one piece, 'Grolière' goose liver in one piece.
The products were arranged on a plate decorated with various jellies and served with white bread and homemade brioches. Every piece has been anonymously marked with a letter flag

Only one question should then be answered on a ballot paper: »Which product do you like best?”. Everyone could then rank their preferences as they wished.


The result:

Three products were clearly ahead of all others:
  1. Happy Foie Ente bio
  2. The Duck Meadow’ Entenleberblock
  3. Happy Foie Duck organic with truffles

The gap between the winner and 2nd and 3rd place was fairly clear. 2 and 3 were very close to each other. But the distance between them and all other products was huge.
Enjoy your food

Click here for the winners!