The new standard. 100% enjoyment, 0% stuffing.

Happy Foie is the certified organic and completely non-stuffed variant of a bloc foie gras (foie gras). Yes, you understood correctly: With conventional foie gras (foie gras), the animals are fattened ("stuffed") before slaughter so that the liver of the animals has an unnaturally high fat content.

No animals are "stuffed" in the production of our Happy Foie. We almost exclusively use organic liver and subsequently enrich it with high-quality fats in a specially developed process.

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Gänse, Sprechblasen "yes", "no"

Why conventional foie gras is controversial:

The term foie gras is French and means something like "fatty liver". Foie Gras (or foie gras ) is a luxurious food made from the livers of ducks and geese. In order to achieve the high fat content of conventional foie gras, the animals are fattened over several weeks by stuffing. As a result, the animals develop a pathologically enlarged fatty liver that is up to ten times larger than that of healthy animals. Due to this ethical problem, conventional foie gras has been heavily criticized by consumers and animal rights activists.

What distinguishes Happy Foie:

In the case of founder Tobias Sudhoff With the developed procedure, we supply the liver tissue with the fats and some proteins from the outside. These fats and proteins have basically the same properties as the fats and proteins found in conventional goose foie gras. With the Happy Foie, we have recreated a conventional Bloc Foie Gras with other natural fats.

The special thing about this process is that we don't have to use fatty liver from fattened animals in our production, but use the healthy livers of the animals and fatten them up afterwards.

Culinary pleasure

On par with conventional foie gras and recommended by professional chefs.

Delicately creamy melt

Unique taste experience and nutty, pleasant sensory - melts on the tongue like ice cream.

Made in Germany

With a lot of love we develop and produce our products entirely in Germany.



250G & 500G ROLLS


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