Happy Foie is the animal-friendly alternative to conventional Bloc Foie Gras - known in German as duck and goose foie gras.

Made from the natural liver of free-range and not force-fed ducks and geese, Happy Foie sets a new animal-friendly Standard.

Happy Foie is the organic-certified alternative to foie gras and can be served with enjoyment and at the same time with a clear conscience - whether in star restaurants, fine dining restaurants or at home.

Our promise: Happy Foie is indistinguishable from conventional foie gras in terms of taste, melting and consistency - this has been proven by double blind tastings with experienced chefs and self-confessed foie gras lovers.

Gänse, Sprechblasen "yes", "no"

Conventional Foie Gras

Foie Gras, or foie gras in German, is a delicacy from France that is characterized by its velvety texture and versatility. The term Foie Gras is French and means something like “fatty liver”. When producing conventional duck or goose foie gras, the animals are force-fed - also known as "stuffed" - for several weeks. This controversial process results in the size and fat content of the liver being greatly increased (fatty liver), which in turn makes the taste and processability of the product particularly unique. Despite the ban on the production of foie gras in many EU countries, the import of foie gras is still legal. Conventional foie gras is therefore still available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

What sets Happy Foie apart

Happy Foie is tender, melt-in-the-mouth duck and goose liver in organic quality. The liver comes from healthy animals from selected partner farms where the animals have enjoyed a fulfilling life in free range farming and guaranteed without forced feeding (“stuffing”).

Happy Foie is therefore considered an animal-friendly alternative to foie gras (in German Goose foie gras or duck foie gras), without having to forego the incomparable taste of the French delicacy.

Happy Foie is produced using a specially developed process in which the natural liver is only mixed with high-quality organic ingredients after the animal has died. Fats are enhanced.

With a taste on par with the French delicacy, Happy Foie is used with enthusiasm by experienced Michelin star chefs, private gourmets and in organic restaurants.

Culinary enjoyment

Tastes on par with conventional foie gras & recommended by professional chefs.

Delicately creamy melt

Unique taste experience and nutty, pleasant sensory properties - melts on the tongue like ice cream.

Made in Germany

We develop and produce our products entirely in Germany with a lot of love.

What does Happy Foie stand for?

Happy Foie stands for fine taste, delicate melting and versatile culinary applicability. The organically sourced animals come from trusted farms in Germany and Austria. This means we always guarantee the highest product quality and animal-friendly rearing of the animals according to organic standards.

Happy Foie – 100% enjoyment, 0% stuffing.

Origin of the liver

Organic duck liver

We obtain our organic duck liver from the Eiermacher company in Upper Austria, which has specialized in alternative farming methods since 1980. As the organic pioneer in Austria, Eiermacher ensures that the entire production cycle is built and established according to organic guidelines. The highest animal welfare standards and impeccable quality of the organic duck products are guaranteed.


Our organic goose liver comes from a small, family-run organic farm in Fulda. Species-appropriate goose breeding is carried out in accordance with the guidelines of organic farming. The meat is guaranteed to be free of antibiotics, pesticides, growth promoters and chemicals.

The process behind Happy Foie

Happy Foie was developed by Tobias Sudhoff, the former chef of the Michelin star restaurant “Westfälische Stube”. The production is a specially developed process that does not require the controversial force-feeding of the animals. The special feature is that healthy and natural livers are only subsequently enriched with high-quality organic fats. The result is a texture and taste that cannot be distinguished from conventional foie gras even by experienced chefs and gourmets in double-blind tastings.

Where is Happy Foie available?

For private use, Happy Foie is available in our webshop and in selected points of sale.


Happy Foie in the media

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