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Happy Foie goes SZ

The SZ-Magazin reports on founder Tobias Sudhoff and the development of the Happy Foie.

A great article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin about our founder Tobias Sudhoff and the story behind the Happy Foie reports on how EthicLine GmbH is contributing to the food revolution:

"People eat too much meat. But vegetarian and vegan substitute products often don't taste good, says Sudhoff. He sees his Happy Foie with a significant proportion of vegetable fats as a first step on the way to eating less meat without losing the enjoyment. "

So Happy Foie is the "first step towards less meat consumption". Other products are already being planned:

"Sudhoff believes that the food turnaround can only be achieved if meat substitutes and vegetarian cuisine taste really good. Umami with vegetables - he believes he has already achieved this in his jus and stocks. He is hopeful of a vegan one next summer Being able to market meat jus. And a vegan Happy Foie."

So you can look forward to a few new product highlights next year - vegetarian and vegan!

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