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The Saarland: production site of Happy Foie

The Saarland "Bild" reports on the Happy Foie production facility. What is behind the complex process?

In an interview with our founder, Tobias Sudhoff, the Saarland edition of “Bild” took a close look at the process he developed for making Happy Foie. According to Sudhoff, this is the secret for the unique melt and the consistency known from foie gras. The process was developed in the “foodlab” at the Münster University of Applied Sciences, where Sudhoff is already working on the next innovations.

“One difficulty lay in the protein-fat matrix, since the melting behavior should be like the original. The most important thing, however, was preservation.” Today, Sudhoff is proud of the long shelf life of his product, which is the basis for widespread use in gastronomy and retail.

The Saarland was chosen as the production site due to its proximity to France, the motherland of foie gras. Saar master butcher Timo Hirtz has been responsible for the production of Happy Foie ever since. In 8 hours around 50 kilos of Happy Foie are produced in the purest organic quality.

Photo: Thomas Wieck (

“The production is very complex and has a lot to do with adhering to temperature curves. Even minimal deviations from the recipe can result in the previous work being in vain.”

Another special feature of the production is the fact that Sudhoff personally checks and tastes every single batch before it is sold.

In the Saarland, foie gras and thus also Happy Foie are particularly popular because of their versatility - whether in connection with fruity-sweet dishes or a hearty steak. Happy foie almost always goes with it. The product overview is available here .

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