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Happy Foie: innovative gastronomy

What are the advantages of integrating happy foie into your menu?

Dear representatives of gastronomy,

we have a real highlight for you and your guests. With Happy Foie we have succeeded in creating a product that is confusingly similar to the conventional Bloc de Foie Gras. The taste experience and the delicate, creamy melt is in no way inferior to the original. However, our big advantage is that we were able to achieve this WITHOUT having to force-feed the animals.

The livers of the ducks, geese and turkeys are upgraded post-mortem with high-quality fats in a special patent-pending process. All variants, apart from the free-range goose, are certified organic, i.e. the rearing of the animals takes place under strict controls. The Happy free-range goose bears the title Nature & Respect.

Another highlight of Happy Foie is its long shelf life. When chilled, it has an above-average shelf life and is therefore perfect for storage. Freezing, on the other hand, is not recommended because the dimensions change and thawing involves a lot of egg yolk and effort. It is therefore best to order regularly from the supplier you trust.

Happy Foie is available in 130g jars, 250g and 500g rolls. The rollers are ideal for arranging the food in portions. Happy Foie can be cut, shaped, fried and eaten raw.
Thus, the classics can celebrate their comeback on your menus. The Filet Rossini can be served as a main course and as an amuse gueule a golden brown roasted brioche with happy foie and sweet or savory toppings. As Happy Foie behaves endothermically, it cools the tongue and palate even on warm summer days. Suitable for a delicious salad in summer. Of course, there are hardly any limits to the creativity of the kitchen.

Happy Foie can be ordered nationwide from many wholesalers. Simply ask your food supplier or contact us. Philipp would be happy to advise you on the products but also on the subject of supply channels:, 0531/18051065.

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