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King Charles renounces foie gras in the future - Happy Foie soon also on the plates in the royal palace?

Boycott in the royal house. King Charles renounces foie gras.

Did you know? In November 2022, numerous European media reported on the boycott of French foie gras by King Charles. The organization Peta announced that King Charles III would abstain from foie gras in his royal residences.

It said the monarch had confirmed the ban on foie gras, which means the controversial food will not be served at Buckingham Palace, Sandringham in eastern England, Balmoral in Scotland, Hillsborough in Northern Ireland or Windsor near London. Charles, who is known for his commitment to environmental protection, has long been considered an opponent of conventional foie gras. However, although its production is banned in the U.K., its sale or import remains permitted to date.

Peta has long denounced the stuffing of geese and ducks as cruel, pointing to the brutal methods used to force feed the animals via a tube shoved directly down their throats. The resulting foie gras is a pathologically enlarged fatty liver that is up to ten times larger than the liver of a healthy animal. If the amount of force-fed food is extrapolated to humans, it is equivalent to up to 14 kilograms of pasta per day. Stuffing causes serious side effects in animals, including respiratory distress, throat injuries, liver hemorrhage and even heart failure.

Our Happy Foie is considered an animal-friendly alternative compared to conventional foie gras. Without sacrificing the unique taste of the French delicacy. In our specially developed process, high-quality fats are added to the healthy liver only after the animal has passed away.

100% enjoyment, 0% stuffing! The new standard!

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