An Expert Of The Schwäbische Zeitung Tests Our Happy Foie - Does Our Taste Convince Them?

Ein Experte der Schwäbischen Zeitung testet unsere Happy Foie - überzeugt unser Geschmack?

We have great news! On Saturday, June 4th, the Schwäbische Newspaper published an article about our Happy Foie. Below you can see an excerpt of the article:

"The smell shows the typical aroma of Foie Gras. The consistency is quite firm, but still easy to shape or spread. If you draw a comparison at this point with conventional Foie Gras from cans, for example, the mass of "Happy Foie Gras" is more compact and finer, for example, it has nothing pasty or floury. And on the tongue? It develops a pleasantly cool and melting mouthfeel and its flavor actually comes close to that of a good conventional Foie Gras.

In the tasting in the presence of an experienced chef, the "Happy Foie Gras" outshines a product from the stuffing fattening in all criteria. Accompanied by a spicy apple and onion chutney with ginger, a sip of yellow muscatel and brioche toasted in butter, it passes the test across the board. That makes the Happy Foie Gras a real step forward in responsible cooking, and no more expensive than conventional stuffed Foie Gras meat."

Would you like to read on? Find the full article here:,-foie-gras-gefuettert-nicht-gestopft-_arid,11515631.html