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TastyBits is a foie gras connoisseur and wonders: are there alternatives to classic foie gras?

An article about our Happy Foie from the "TastyBits" gourmet block.

Jannik from the gourmet blog TastyBits is a big foie gras fan when it comes to taste, but wonders:

Do I still want to eat the delicacy or are there already equivalent alternatives on the market?

And what do you think, which products did Jannik come across during his research?

That's right, on Happy Foie!

In his detailed report, Jannik evaluates three variants of Happy Foie:

- the classic "Duck",

- the mild entry "poultry", as well as

- the most exclusive variant "duck + truffle".

Happy foie duck and truffle with a glass of rose champagne - the alternative to foie gras or foie gras

Whether straight from the glass or seared - Jannik takes a very close look at our Happy Foie in his contribution and prepares it like foie gras in almost all possible versions. Jannik shines with "kitchen knowledge" at a professional level and knows where the bar is when it comes to duck and foie gras and why foie gras is still so popular. At the same time, Jannik also explains why conventional foie gras has disappeared from many restaurant menus these days.

[...] All in all, I'm very impressed with the Happy Foie and would definitely buy it again or recommend it for special occasions. I liked the "natural" version best. [...] With a price of around 17 euros, the happy foie made from duck liver is not exactly cheap, but it is worth the price for enjoyable moments. [...]

We are very pleased with Jannik's final judgment and feel encouraged that we are on the right track to establish a new standard in the delicatessen sector.

Please read Jannik's article yourself and be inspired by his beautiful photos and creative serving suggestions, for example with rosé champagne:

TastyBit's blog post:

Happy Foie is the alternative to foie gras or foie gras - without any stuffing

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