Westfälische Nachrichten: "The Tesla Among Foie Gras"

Westfälische Nachrichten:

Business editor Martin Ellerich from Westfälische Nachrichten met our founder Tobias Sudhoff in Münster and together they tasted the different variants of our Happy Foie.

"That coolness. That smoothness. The tongue lets the mass melt slowly. And of course: the taste. Fine, unmistakable, hard to put into words. That's exactly how foie gras should taste. But: Don't think "foie gras" now." Martin Ellerich - Westfälische Nachrichten

In today's article, Tobias explains the term he coined "food turnaround" and gives deep insights into the genesis of our first product Happy Foie.

If you want to know more about the secret of the tender melting of Happy Foie or are interested in how the Tesla comparison came about, you can find the whole article here:

Click here for the article on the Westfälische Nachrichten website: https://www.wn.de/muenster/der-tesla-unter-den-foies-gras-2593597?pid=true