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Blog magazine "Ambiente Mediterran" reports on our Happy Foie

In an article, Ambiente Mediterran writes about our Happy Foie as the “best alternative to conventional foie gras”

Here is an excerpt from Ambiente Mediterran ’s contribution to our Happy Foie:

" We had sworn never to write anything about foie gras or even advertise it. And we're sticking to it! Because normal foie gras is a product of animal cruelty. Actually, foie gras just means fatty liver, but the term stands for ducks - or more commonly, for foie gras. "

"[...] the best alternative to conventional foie gras. From organic animal husbandry, without plugs and absolutely at eye level in terms of taste."

" We weren't able to compare the difference in taste ourselves, as it's been ages since we last had conventional foie gras . But the renowned taste expert Bernhard Moser, for example, raves about it and says he eats Happy Foie like a jar of Nutella. And in blind tastings it was found that the taste of the Happy Foie products is on par with that of conventional foie gras! "

Click here for the entire article.

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