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Roasted Happy Foie on fruity salad

Roasted Happy Foie on fruity salad: Simple and Delicious!


Before preparation, first thoroughly rinse all fresh ingredients.

Cut the pear into thin slices. 2.

2. fillet the orange and save the juice of the orange.

3. cut the Happy Foie (a 250g roll is very suitable here) into slices about 2 cm thick. Then sear the Happy Foie briefly on both sides in a very hot pan.

4. use a dressing of your choice. Here we use the juice of the orange, olive oil and some salt & black pepper.

5. Starting with the lettuce, pear and orange, arrange the salad, then the seared Happy Foie on top and finally garnish with a few sprouts and the dressing. Et voilà!



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