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Steak Rossini with Happy Foie

A delicious recipe if you're in the mood for something hearty: Steak Rossini with Happy Foie


Grill your beef steak the way you like it best. We recommend a nice, marbled fillet steak rare or medium-rare

While your steak is resting, fry a Taler Happy Foie (thickness approx. 8mm, weight approx. 20-30g) at maximum heat for approx. 15 seconds per side on the hot plancha grill or in the pan.

To serve, drape the Happy Foie Taler on your steak. Lightly pepper and season with salt; add the jus if necessary. Voila. 

With the Steak Rossini you create a highlight that will be remembered - and not just by gourmets and foie gras connoisseurs, but by everyone who appreciates good taste and exclusive enjoyment.


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