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Westphalian Möppkes with Happy Foie Gras and cherry jam

Westfälisches Möppkes: Eine Spezialität mit Happy Foie und Kirschkonfitüre

"Möppkes" is the Westphalian sausage bread, you can buy it ready made at the butcher and then fry it in slices.

Westfälisches Möppkes mit Clean Foie Gras und Kirschkonfitüre - Anrichten

Möppkes Dough:
200gr wheat flour
1 egg
Pinch of salt and sugar
80gr melted butter
1 tsp raising agent (Na-hydrogen carbonate)
1 tsp water
Cherry jam:
100 gr fresh cherries (frozen if necessary)
50 g jam sugar
25 ml port wine
Happy Foie Gras
Cut the Möppkes into slices about 5mm thick.
Mix the ingredients for the dough together, knead and leave to rest for an hour. Then roll out and cut out round slices almost as big as the Möppkes slices and bake at 160°C until crisp (approx. 10 min). Leave to cool.


Mix the cherries, port wine and jam sugar and bring to a boil until the cherries are half broken down by the boiling. Leave to cool.

Westfälisches Möppkes mit Clean Foie Gras und Kirschkonfitüre

Roll out the Happy Foie into a square, lay the cherry jam on one side as a line over the whole sheet, so that the Happy Foie Gras is now "wrapped" around the cherry jam once and spread over the overhanging edges - this creates a jam-filled Happy Foie Gras noodle, which can be easily cut into slices (approx. 1 cm thick) after cooling down to approx. 5°C. Prepare these Happy Foie Gras slices with cherry jam filling.


The Möppkes is fried very fresh in butter until it browns. Put the round biscuit on the Möppkes and place the Happy Foie Gras slice on top. A little pepper on top and then...
...bon appétit!

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