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Winter feel-good recipe: Root vegetables in Périgueux sauce made from Happy Foie with truffle milk foam

Für die kalte Jahreszeit ein winterliches Wohlfühlrezept: Wurzelgemüse in Sauce Périgueux aus Happy Foie mit Trüffel-Milchschaum

Pamper yourself with this feel-good recipe in the cold winter time: WATCH THE VIDEO .


  • Happy foie duck with truffle
  • law
  • Root vegetables from the jus
  • truffle butter
  • Milk, IMPORTANT: 1.5% fat
  • mushroom dust
  • Fig Balsamic Chutney (optional)


Briefly fry the vegetables from the jus. Once hot, deglaze with the jus. At a low temperature, add some of the Happy Foie Duck with Truffle and stir in, then keep warm.

For the milk froth, heat the milk, 70°C is ideal. Stir in some truffle butter to taste. Then froth the milk with a stirrer.
Tip: When frothing, hold a spoon in front of the stirrer so that the foam can form around the spoon.

Garnish with mushroom dust and an optional dollop of fig balsamic chutney.

Bon appetit!

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