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Something special for Christmas: fried happy foie with pear & mirabelle plum

Für die kalten Jahrestage ein fruchtiges Rezept: Gebratene Happy Foie mit Birne & Mirabellen

With this great Christmas-fruity recipe you make your feast something special: WATCH THE VIDEO .


  • Happy foie duck
  • pears
  • Dried plums
  • Sponge cake base (less sweet, only use about ¼ of the sugar)
  • butter
  • Sugar
  • fruit wine (not too sweet)
  • coriander (dried)
  • orange juice
  • plum juice
  • Agar Agar
  • Orange Mirabelle Jam (Véronique Witzigmann)

Cut out the biscuit base with a round mold. For the pear and mirabelle plum mixture, cut the pears and dried plums into bite-sized pieces and sauté in butter. As soon as the pears and mirabelle plums are hot, deglaze the mixture with a little fruit wine and let it boil down. Then add some sugar. Lightly toast the coriander and add it as well. Then keep the pear and plum mixture warm.

Fruit gel: Bring the orange juice, plum juice and some of the orange plum jam to the boil with agar agar. Then place in the fridge to chill. Whip the fruit gel with a stirrer and pour into a squeeze bottle.

Slice Happy Foie and sear.

Serving: Place the pear and mirabelle plum mixture on a biscuit thaler. Then add the fried happy foie and garnish with the fruit jelly. Voila!

Bon appetit!

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