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Happy Foie Duck Liver - Foie Gras Alternative, 130g, organic

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IngredientsDuck liver 42%*, Butter 31%*, Egg*, Milk powder*, deodorized coconut fat 5%*, Sauternes sweet wine* , cognac*, cane sugar*, salt, duck fat*, chicken bouillon*, thickener: agar-agar*, spices*, preservatives: sodium nitrite, ascorbic acid

*from controlled organic cultivation

May contain traces of celery.

Country of origin: Germany
Fill quantity: 130g
Semi-canned: Refrigerated, lasts for at least 6 weeks
Inspection body number: DE-ÖKO-007
Product description
Happy Foie is the alternative to foie gras and can be processed, prepared and enjoyed in the same way as a conventional block of foie gras. Try our recipes with Happy Foie. Whether as a course in your feast, in the form of chocolates with a salad or as a thaler on a good steak. Happy Foie can be used anywhere.

We make Happy Foie from the liver of certified organic and healthy animals. The creamy, melt-in-the-mouth consistency of the Happy Foie offers you exceptional enjoyment and a clear conscience at the same time.

The animals whose livers we process in our specially developed manufacturing process lived healthy and free-ranging and did not come from factory farming or were force-fed! Happy Foie stands for culinary enjoyment at eye level with a clear conscience - without stuffing!

Nutritional values
Average Nutritional values: pro 100 g
calorific value 1699 kJ / 407 kcal
Fat 38 g
- of which saturated fatty acids 23 g
carbohydrates 4,3 g
- of which sugar 3,8 g
protein 12 g
Salt 1,2 g

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Product features


Unlike conventional foie gras, the animals whose livers we use for production are not fattened ("stuffed").


For this product, only liver from certified organic farms within the EU is used.


This product was developed and produced entirely in Germany with a lot of love and dedication.


The delicate, cool melting and nutty, comforting sensory properties of Happy Foie create a unique taste experience.

Fruity Happy Foie Salad

To the recipe

The classic: Steak Rossini

To the recipe

Happy foie snack

To the recipe

frequently asked Questions

Please contact us if your question could not be answered.

How do I get the Happy Foie out of the jar?

The best way to do this is to heat some water in a pot, place the glass with the Happy Foie in the hot water with tongs, wait a while and then use a hot knife along the edge of the glass to separate out the Happy Foie mixture. Et voilà.

Can I fry Happy Foie?

Yes! Simply take our Happy Foie as a block from the jar or directly from the roll and cut it into slices. Then fry in a very hot Teflon pan without fat for about 20 seconds on each side.

Why are the shipping costs so high?

Happy Foie is a semi-preserved product. It is therefore important to ship orders as quickly as possible and while maintaining the cold chain. This is only possible with refrigerated food delivery and via express. Accordingly, the shipping costs are slightly higher.

Customer Reviews

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Hans Frey (Freiburg im Breisgau, DE)


Alfred Hedrich (Puettlingen, DE)
Hervorragende Qualität

Wir haben Informationen über Happy Foie über die Presse erhalten. Da wir Fans von Gänse- bzw. Entenleberpastete sind, ein gewisses Unbehagen aber gegenüber dem Stopfprozess haben, wollten wir Happy Foie ausprobieren.
Fazit: Qualität hervorragend!

Steffen Schmidt-Hug (Landsberg am Lech, DE)
Gut, jedoch schwer erhältlich

Die Happy Foie selbst ist gut, sie kommt nach meinem Geschmack in die Nähe des Originals. Leider sind die Produkte jedoch nicht so wie auf der Internetseite bei den angegeben Verkaufsstellen erhältlich. So sind wir völlig vergeblich zu der Galeria Markthalle in Berlin gefahren.

SP Spezialitäten Partner West GmbH & Co. KG (Floersheim, DE)

Keine Bewertung haben die Ware versendet.


Wir haben noch nicht geschlemmert, erst in 14 Tagen, dann kommt feed back

Wir freuen uns sehr auf dein Feedback und sind gespannt, was ihr euch zaubert! Gerne mit Foto :-)

The new standard

Why is Happy Foie the alternative to conventional Bloc Foie Gras?

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